2002 Subaru Impreza GD WRX impreza sedan

Description: 2002 GD-A WRX IMPREZA non crash dammaged vehicle only 25,000 kms
Stock Num: #413
Mechanical: EJ20 turbo engine ,5spd manual box 25,000 kms
Electrical: All electrical avaliable
Lights: All avaliable - Factory and aftermarket clear/tinted types
Rear Body: All rear half avaliable
Front Body: Full front avaliable
Interior: Full trim set avalible - HUGE range in stock - WRX and STI types. Reclinable race seat sets (factory)
Description: 2002 Subaru WRX GD
Stock Num: #413
Mechanical: Air conditioning condenser, AC, ABS pump, alternator, brake booster, calipers, catalytic converter, coil pack, diff, driveshaft, engine exhausts, fuel pump, strut assembly, stub axle, radiator, throttle body, transmission, shock absorbers, starter motor, steering rack, steering pump,
Electrical: Air conditioning condenser, AC, ABS sensors, airflow meter, alternator, coil pack, combination switch, console, dash, ECUs, washer pump motor, sensors, radio/cd player, switches, heater fan motor, heater/AC control unit, high stop light, ignition barrel, instrument/speedo cluster,
Lights: blinkers, tail lights, high stop light, headlights, fog lights, side markers, park lights
Rear Body: rear bar, tail lights, high stop light, boot lid/tailgate, Tow bars
Front Body: front bar, headlights, radiator, windscreens, wiper arms, wiper linkage, wiper motor.
Interior: combination switch, console, dash, gear knob, gear stick shifter, glove box, handbrake lever, heater/AC control unit, switches, radio/cd, seats, seat belt stalks, steering wheel, sun-visors, ignition barrel, instrument/speedo cluster, interior/rear vision mirror,
Body: front bar, rear bar, body/door moulds, bonnet, boot lid/tailgate, doors, door handles, door locks, door mirrors, door trims, grille, guards, interior/rear vision mirror, tail gate, mag wheels, windows, window regulators and motors, windscreens, wiper arms, wiper linkage, wiper motor and more.